TOP 10 REASONS TO GO VEGANVegetarian people know that adopting a plant based diet is not only healthy and delicious but also humane and indulgent, just imagine how many animals you are saving by NOT eating flesh meat products. Besides saving animals, you can enjoy many health benefits by transitioning to vegan diet as these are higher in plant nutrients and lower in cholesterol and saturated fats as compared to non vegetarian diets.  I am writing some benefits of being a vegan so that vegetarian people can have something to be proud of whereas non – vegetarian people would think of becoming one.

1. WEIGHT LOSS – Well, who doesn’t want to be fit and slim? Vegan people are likely to be more slimmer as compared to non – vegans.
A plant based diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain along with exercise is the perfect way to be slim and fit.
2. PREVENT CANCER –   Whole foods plant based diet which is low in fat, is one of the best way in order to prevent cancer whereas animal food increase the chances of getting cancer especially  breast and colon cancer.
3. REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING – According to a report, livestock, that is, bovine animals create more greenhouse gases than all the vehicles in the world.  Hence, if you really want to save the world by reducing global warming then you can adopt   a vegan diet.
4. BEST WAY TO HELP ANIMALS – Well, animals are also living beings and they have every right to live just like the way you do, then why hurt them?  Every year, a vegan saves more than HUNDRED ANIMALS!  This is one of the best and easiest way to help animal kinds and   prevent  their suffering by transitioning to a vegan and eat whole foods, plant based diet over egg, meat and dairy products.
5.VEGAN FOOD IS DELICIOUS – Now are you afraid that if you choose to follow the vegan diet, that is,  whole food, based diet then you will have to resist that delicious and tempting chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, or chicken fingers? Then you are partially wrong and partially right! Now a days, companies are innovating more and more alternatives or substitutes of meat and dairy products, which taste and look like the same but favorably they are much  beneficial and healthier in comparison.
6. AVOID TOXIC FOOD CONTAMINANTS – Meat food are loaded with hazardous contaminants and poison such as antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and hormones.  They accumulate in the fatty flesh food of the animal food as these all  contaminants  are fat – soluble.
7. HELP FEED THE WORD – Everyday, more than fifty thousand children starves to death needlessly on this planet.  You will be surprised to know that the crops which are used to fatten the animals in the farms could be used in feeding the hungry people instead.  You need to understand that eating non – vegan diet hurts not only animals but also people.  If everyone will eat whole foods, plant based diet, then there will be a lot more than enough food in order to feed the entire population of this world which is around six billion people.
8. LONGEVITY – People  who  eat whole food plant based diet are more likely to live longer as compared to those people who are non – vegans. For example, many countries like in Hong Kong, people who has longer life span also eats whole foods plant based diet.
9.PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE – Exercise  creates frizzle stress and anxiety which brings limitations on the ability to perform and revive from the exercise. A plant – based diet is usually rich in anti – oxidants which might result in less feebleness and hasty recovery.  Many plant foods have been proved to be the best enhancers of performance.
10. A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU :-  As i have already mentioned that a vegan diet helps in preventing cancer, but vegan people tend to develop less diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure,  cancer and heart diseases as compared to other non – vegan people.    You can get all the required nutrients from the vegan diet like minerals, proteins and fiber without all the gross stuffs which you find in flesh foods, from which you can be sick such as animal saturated fat and cholesterol. So what are you waiting for? Go and become a vegan by adopting whole food plant based diet.

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