PITRA DOSHA IN HOROSCOPE : CAUSES, EFFECTS & REMEDIESIn Hinduism it is very common to make patras or janam kundli after  birth of a new born. Many Hindus believe in patras or janam kundlis and they seek advice from astrologers.  Everyone would have heard of the Pitra Dosha. You come to know about Pitra Dosha only when you show your kundli to an astrologer. The Pitra Dosh may be caused by the forefathers’ curses or multiple combinations in a person’s horoscope.

According to status of the planets our horoscope changes and effect of the horoscope also changes. Major reason said to be in the Sun- Saturn connection. Exchange of houses by the two planets and both expecting each other or one expecting another and both of them being in one house can cause the pitra dosha. Similarly if the Jupiter and the Mercury are in the same house, they cause  pitra dosha.

You can find these combinations in your kundli which are responsible for the Pitru Dosha.

  • If the Moon is in the 3rd or 6th house of your horoscope then you suffer  from the malefic effects of the planet Mercury.
  • If the Mercury or Ketu or both are in 1st or 8th house then the Mars give ominous results.
  • If your Sun or Venus or both are in 12th house of your horoscope then the Rahu gives you bad results.
  • The Sun or the Moon or the Rahu or any two out of these three or all are in 7th house then the Venus becomes inauspicious.
  • If the Ketu is in the 4th House of horoscope – One receives the malefic effects of the Moon.
  • If the Moon or the Mars are in your 6th house then the Ketu gives bad results.

If we talk about our Puranas then we find another reason for the pirtu dosha. We face the Pitru Dosha because of our forefathers or our past deeds.  It is well said that as we do we have to face problems in life accordingly. One more reason behind the Pitra Dosh is that million of souls are not sleeping in peace. These soul are of our ancestors  .

The Pitra dosh has negative effects on our kundli.  Some of them are listed below:

  • Some faces problem of frequent abortions.
  • Some people have been no children after all efforts.
  • In Gotra no male child is born for next generation.
  • In some cases children refuse marriages.
  • Some do not find a suitable person to marry.
  • Children are drug addicted.
  • You always face losses in business.
  • Jobless or frequent change in job.
  • Children do not respect their elders.

There is a solution for every problem. For the Pitra Dosha astrologers advise  some remedies and by which can come out of negative effects of the Pirta Dosha. According to the Vedic remedies, by performing easy things daily you can solve the problem of the Pitra Dosha.

  • Whenever commit a mistake say sorry to others and feel sorry for yourself.
  • Perform religious rituals prescribed for the deceased ancestors regularly.
  • Before leaving the house take blessings of your parents.
  • Offer water to the Banyan tree and observe fasting during the full moon.
  • Always maintain good relations and live peacefully with family.

Whatever be a problem, a solution is always there. In the Hinduism patra or kundli is very  important for most of the people. People seek advice from the astrologers for their life’s right direction. We hope this article would help you to solve the problem of the Pitra Dosha in your horoscope but remember we can only give you advice, only the astrologer can tell the correct solution.

(Kanchan Rastogi)

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