NUMBERS HAVING HIDDEN SECRETNumbers have a centre power, which cannot be found by shape and symbol. This power is contained in esoteric relation between the things and principal of nature, which is expression of it. The secret inauguration came to light, when human developed order of numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. By which can express any symbol.

Zero (0) – Is Symbol of infinity. An infinite-infinite existence, which is source of origin the goods. The whole solar system in the universe is sheeted in Universality, World productivity,  Encompass and visits of planets but it is not limited to extension, but is available in prohibit in all stages, in every circle and limits and in human. So, it is Universal paradox. On the one end, are limitless expense and another end limitless levity, on the one end limitless circle and other end having Micro-molecule.

One (1) – It is used as symbol of Positive and active principle. It is also use for words, which are expression of the infinite and the latent. There ‘egoism’ represents the symbol of superiority, Self-acceptance, positivity, Isolation, soil element, dignity and administration. In the religious sense it is symbol of self God. In philosophical and scientific sense it is symbol of synthesis and the basic integrity of the objects. By materialistic view human is a unit of life. It is appeared to zero and symbol of Sun.

Two (2) – Is a symbol of contrast and it is also represent proof and confirmation. It is two endowed number, is symbol of as one side is sum and other side minus, one side is active and another side is inactive, one side is Feminine and other is Masculine, one side is positive and other side is negative, one side is as profit and other is loss.

Three (3) – Is union of three. In life triple substance is symbol of wisdom, strength and consciousness. It also includes divine attributes of creation, adherence and destruction. By it can having awareness about family, mother-father and child. It is also symbol of three basic elements in the shape of contemplation and object. It is Godlike which reflects in consciousness, as construction of triple stage in time and place. Is self-expansion, the desire, the mechanism and efficacy, which is an auspicious symbol.

Four (4) Indicates the reality and permanence. It is indicative of the physical universe. It is square and cube shaped. It is symbol of physical laws, logic and reason; physical stage and science. It can be identified through perceptions, experience and knowledge. It is cut, breakup, division, assembly and classification. It is swastika, method cycles, and sum of the numbers in order. It is identify the difference of intelligence, consciousness, spiritual and physical.


Five (5) – Represents expansion. It is also symbol of inter relationship of items, understanding, ability, decision. It is growth, speaker, expansion of views.  It is symbol of Justice, sowing and harvesting of crops. This issue has properties like pomegranate seeds.

Six (6)- It is symbol of cooperation. It is indicative of marriage, add a link and relationship. It is also address the interaction, mutual balance. It is meeting point of spiritual and physical world. It is symbol of mental and physical capacity in man. It is also symbol of metaphysics, psychology, divine potential, communion and solidarity. This number is also representative of parapsychology and psychic difference. It is indicates towards cooperation, peace, contentment and balance. It is symbolize of natural relationship of man-female. Representative of the planet is Venus.

Seven (7)- It is reflection of perfection. It is symbol of time and place, internal and distance. Represents old age, impairment, durability, stability, death. It is symbol of seven ages, seven days of the week etc. It is also emblematic of perfection of the human, intellect, psycho balance and relaxation.

Eight (8)- Number of dissolution. It is symbol of lean towards spiritualition of theories of cyclical development and natural objects. Properties of reaction, revolution, sabotage, disruption, isolation, scatter chaos is also associated with this number. It is also indicated by injury, loss, separation, divorce. It is symbol of self motivation of respiration, brilliant, inventions and innovations.

Nine (9)- Symbol of reproduction. It is symbol of born again, spirituality, expanding of senses, foreboding, growth or voyages. It is also symbol of dreams, uneven casulity, listening of remote sound. It is emblematic of recreation, vibration, rhythm, wave, publishing, master in using the bow and the arrow, thought waves. Extended between number 9 and 0. According to some interpretation systems zero is placed in numbers, so that including first and last number to be made 10 number, which is a integer of decimal system.

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