BAD OR UNLUCKY NUMBERS AROUND THE WORLDNumbers are part of our daily life, the date, the month and the year are recognized by the number only so as the watch has the numbers. The horoscope in numerology is also described according to the numbers after calculating according to our birth date. There are several myths about numbers whether these are lucky or unlucky. In different countries and different cultures there are numbers which are lucky or unlucky.  Here we are discussing about the lucky or unlucky number in different cultures.

Chinese consider 4 and 9 unlucky such as 49 and 94 as the number sounds tortures they believe.  Also they didn’t get a chance in Olympics in 2004.  They never give number 4 to their floors in apartments, shopping complexes, road numbers, house numbers and room numbers.

Japanese also believe some numbers are unlucky for them. They consider 43 as unlucky number because according to them it sounds very close to the sounds associated with the word for still birth. They also find 24 as similar to number 43.

The Chinese and Japanese considered the number 8 as lucky because they believe that  it sounds like the word for “prosper.

In India people consider number 17 as unlucky number. The sum of (7+1=8) 8 is believed to be controlled by the Saturn (Sani). It is said that the people born on 17th have to struggle a lot in their life be it personal or professional. The people born on 8 and 26 also face problems in their marriage and job.

The number 26 is considered to be a unlucky number as some mishaps have occurred on this date like the Gujarat earth  quake on the 26th January,2001, Tsunami on the 26th December 2004 and the terrorist attack in Mumbai on the 26th November,2008.

In USA, UK, Brazil or any Christianity country, the number 666 is also considered to be an evil number. In the bible, 666 is the Number of the Beast. But in China, 666 can mean “ Everything goes smoothly” . Can often be seen on neon or store signs .

If we talk about Afghanistan they also believe in superstitions and according to them the number 39 is unlucky for them. The reason they explain is that they have seen many accidents occur in past time associated with the number 39. In the East Asian countries the people avoid the number.

The countries like UK, USA, France and Netherland believes that the number 7 is lucky for them. They say the God create the Universe in 7 days. There are 7 wonders in the world as well as 7 planets were in the ancient world.

There are so many numbers and their effects are also different on people. According to the culture their lucky and unlucky numbers are different. Some numbers are lucky for the particular country or culture and same number can be unlucky in another country or culture. We assume this number or that is unlucky because some wrong or miss-happening occurs. Is it really that the numbers are too important and can be lucky or unlucky for all of us? We may discuss for long on this but as we are not going too deep in it, but only providing little information about the lucky or unlucky number in diverse culture and different places.

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