ASTROLOGICAL INDICATIONS FOR SEXUAL ATTRACTIONThe whole about our nature and future is depends upon our sun sign. Astrologers predicts about us according to our planet conditions. But very few know that astrology also indicates for sexual attractions. The situation of our planet decides about our desire and crushes, we behave as our planets directed us to do.

You have strong romantic desires and your heartbeat goes fast when somebody’s Mars falls in your 5th house. You may like each other but the attraction cannot be for long time.

If anybody’s Mars falls in your 8th house then that person encourage you for the physical relation. The combination of Mars-Sun can create the need of physical relationship between two people and it also generates some sort of energy between the two.

The combination of Venus-Mars and their square can inspire a argument between two and sexual attraction.

The combination of Moon-Mars creates a strong physical and emotional feelings, with the Mars human being concerned taking most of the initiative in the relationships.

The planets Venus-Uranus creates too much interest between the two in point of attraction and sometimes  results in sexual activity without knowing each other.  This type of relation can be confusing and weaken the relation in long term. The Uranus person seems unpredictable by Venus person when the relation ends and there can also ups and downs between them.

If your partner’s Venus is in Gemini then the person would be talkative and social and if the Mercury creating a feature to this Venus then the communication will be good between two.

The Venus person does not like to fight or they like to live alone. They appreciate the company and when we see Venus in synastry it shows our capability to partner and our readiness to make it work.

The combination of Mercury  sextile your partners individual planets are amazing for getting along. You people love to talk with each other and enjoying each others company and also welcomed for the gifts. You will also appreciate the person in front of others by saying that the he/she is too smart.

If we assume that you don’t have any other blocker according to your sun sign then here are extra features which shows the  desirability to each other.

The availability of Venus in your 1st house shows that the person is attracted to you and they also make you feel cherished.  This is a sign of instant attraction as well as long time attraction.  The Venus person is appropriate to see the ascendant person as good looking and there would be physical desirability as well.

There may be more astrological predictions about the sexual nature of a person or the situation of two according to their planets. Above we mentioned some of the about  planets and their combinations. Astrology has a lot to tell and it is our nature we know only that what we want to know or  we think about only that which affects us some way or the other. If hardly matters for us to know about other person deeply which affects our life of our future.

( Kanchan Rastogi )

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