TOP 50 MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITIES WHO ARE VEGETARIAN OUTSIDE INDIANow a days, becoming a vegetarian or vegan is a trend, according to PETA, around 5 percent of United States of America residents are vegetarian and 2.5% of residents are vegan. Even big celebrities are following this trend, which even includes big names like Now Al Gore,  Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Clinton.
According to experts, adopting a plant based diet is the most nutritious and one of the healthiest ways to eat. You will get Minerals and Vitamins from the diet, by avoiding harmful fats and calories. Well, you will not only benefit yourself but also help environment by becoming a vegan.
Now, many celebrities have followed this lifestyle for environmental, health or personal reasons, lets take a look at those celebrities: –
1. Bill Clinton :- He is the 42nd president of the United States of America. He is currently a vegan and has lost around twenty pounds.
2. Pamela Anderson :- She is a Canadian actress and model. She has shown us her love towards animals by promoting veganism.
3. Carrie Underwood :- She is an Americal song writer, actress and singer. At the age of thirteen, she witnessed the killings of animals and then decided to be a vegetarian.
4. Mike Tyson :- He is a former heavy weight boxing champion and became a vegan in 2010.
5. Natalie Portman :- This American actress decided to be vegan in the year 2009 after reading a book “Eating Animals”, written by Jonathan Safran Foer.


6. Al Gore :- He is the former vice president of USA and has decided not to eat meat and dairy products in 2013.
7. Ellen De Generes :- She is known as the talk show host and a comedian has decided to switch to veganism after reading books related to animal cruelty and rights.
8. Carl Lewis :- He is a Olympic gold medalist and the world famous truck runner. He decided to be vegetarian due to health reasons. According to him, he met two people, that is, a nutritionist and a doctor who encourages him to change his diet.
9. Joaquin Phoenix :- He is a talented Hollywood actor and has been following a vegan diet since the age of three.
10. Usher :- He is a dancer, song writer and singer. In 2008, his father had died due to a heart attack and he adopted a healthier diet after that incident.
11. Alicia Silverstone :- She is an American author, producer, actress and activist. She turned to vegan 17 years ago, when she was just 21. She inspired to do this by warching several documentaries on the food industry.
12. Anne Hathway :- This Americal actress has an on and off relationship with veganism or vegetarianism. Hoeever, after her official breakup with Fraudulent Raffaello Follieri, she reports that she is completely vegetarian.
13. Alyssa Milano :- She is a former singer, and  American producer and actress. She is also a vegetarian and a strong and active supporter of PETA.
14. Christie Brinkley :- She is an American supermodel and a vegetarian.
15. Christian Bale :- He is a famous English actor and his father is an animal rights activist who taught him to be always kind towards animals.  Thus, he is a vegetarian from his childhood, when he was just 9 years old.
16. Chiristina Applegate :- She is the spokeswoman of PETA and a vegetarian too.
17. Hayden Panettiere :- She is an American singer, model, actress and activist against the hunting of dolphin and whale.
18. Ginnifer Goodwin :- She is an American film and tv actress, and she announced that she became a vegan in 2009.
19. Jack Johnson :- He is a born musician of Hawaiian and is a vegetarian.
20. Kal Penn :- He is an Americal civil servant, producer, actor and a vegetarian too.


21. Kate Winslet :- She is an American actress, known for the movie “Titanic”. She is an active supporter of PETA and a vegetarian.
22. Kristen Bell :- She is an American singer and actress,  listed as the sexiest vegetarian in world by PETA in 2007.
23. Sir Paul McCartney :- He is an English composer, multi – instrumentalist, song writer and singer. He and his wife are both animal lovers and vegetarian.
24. Tobey Maguire :- He is an Americal film producer and actor. He has been following  vegetarinism since many years and currently working towards a vegan diet completely.
25. Amy Smart :- She is an American actress and a vegetarian. In 2004, she was named as one of the “Women with Organic Style” in the Organic Style magazine.
26. Christine Lagarde :- She is a French lawyer and has been the managing director of IMF, International Monetary Fund since 2011.
27. Andy Lally :- He is an American street luge racer and race car driver. In 2011, he turned to vegan from vegetarian, which means, he do not even consume dairy products.
28. Martina Navratilova :- She is a US tennis player and has won over 59 grand slam titles.
29. Hannah Teter :- She is the two time Olympic Medalist in snow boarding. She turned to vegetarianism after watching a documentary – “Earthlings”.
30. Jason Mraz :- He is an American sing writer and singer and is very serious about his diet. He is on a plant based diet which changed his life for good, accrording to him.


31. Dax Shepard :- He is an American director, actor, writer and comedian. He decided to turned to veganism after watching a documentary “Forks over Knives”.
32. Matthew Mosshart :- He is a vegan chef and also helped his girlfriend Kelly Osbourne in loosing weight by giving her vegan diet.
33. Woody Harrelson :- He is an American playwright, activist and actor. He was also named as the Sexiest Male celebrity vegetarian in the year 2012.
34. Mickey Madden :- He is an American musician and a vegan due to his love and compassion towards animals.
35. Thomas Dekker :- He is an American actor, popularly known for the movie, “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. He decided to follow veganism when he was only twelve years old.
36. Jason Schwartzman :- He is an American musician, screenwriter and an actor, popularly known for his roles in “Rushmore” and “I Heart Huckabees”.
37. Brad Pitt :- He is an American producer and actor, and has been following veganism for a while.
38. Chris Martin :- He is the lead singer of a popular band, Coldplay. Being a vegetarian, he has also quiet coffee and alcohol.
39. Milo Ventimiglia :- He is American TV actor, best known for his role in “Heroes”. He has been following diet of vegetarian for his entire life as his parents were vegetarian too, since 40 years.


40. Mac Danzig :- He is an American retired martial artist and is a proof that meats are not very essential in order to make a mascular body.
41. Steve – O :- He is a British American Canadian comedian, actor, musician, clown, stunt performer and producer. He is very kind and compassionate towards animals, and adopted a vegan diet five years ago.
42. Brian Bell :- He is the backing vocalist and guitarist of the band “Weezer”. He even named as the sexiest vegetarians in 2012 by PETA.
43. Anthony Kiedis :- He  is best known as the co-songwriter and lead singer of band “Red Hot Chilli Peppers”, was also named as the sexiest vegetarian in 2008 by PETA. At the age of 50, he still has an amazing body which explains everything.
44. Casey Afflec :- He is an American producer, songwriter, film director and actor. Vegan diet is a part of his life now and has been following this diet since 17 years.
45. Alan Cumming :- He is a Scottish actor and has decided to switch to vegan diet in the year 2012 and yet has not looked back.
46. Adam Young :- He is American multi instrumentalist, songwriter and singer.
47. Bruce Springsteen :- He is an American songwriter, humanitarian, singer and guitarist. His age is 65 but look at him, his vegetarian diet has definitely to do with his fit body.
48. Rooney Mara :- She is a talented American actress and the secret of her slim figure is that she follows a completely vegan diet.
49. Jessica Chastain :- She is an American actress and best known for her role in The Trees of Life, Take Shelter, The Help. She is a vegan too!
50. Olivia Wilde :- She is an American actress, producer and model. She is a vegetarian since she was twelve years old and she says that being vegan is not easy but it makes you look better.