25 WAYS TO EXPERIENCE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SPIRITUALITYTowards spirituality every person has his own perspective. Means of spirituality and its effects can be different or depends upon person to person. The experience spirituality is a different feeling. Spirituality changes life stages for us.  In life we face so many situations whether it is good or bad. People have to live life with the existing situations but sometimes many of us find it difficult to cope up with the day to day situations. During this kind of period those people easily come out of their tensions experience spiritualism and keep their mind peaceful in comparison to those who go run away from spirituality and don’t indulge themselves in spiritual activities.

Young generations keep away themselves from religious and spiritual activities. Later in life when they step into adulthood and involve  in relationships, become socially active then they find religion and spirituality important to keep mind peaceful.

To experience the magic of spirituality you do not need  hard efforts or wandering here and there to find a spiritual guru. It can be experienced by you. There can be different ways for everyone to experience spirituality. Here we are discussing about 25 ways which can be helpful to you to experience spiritualism.

1 . We’ve always been hearing that rising early and breathing in fresh air is good. Wake up early and thank god for a new day.

2 . Start your day with the food which treats your body as a holy place.

3 . Start your day with a new thought or concentrate on that.

4 . In the morning go to a garden and feel the touch of plants, Get a soothing experience and by seeing flowers feel the beauty of nature.

5 . Walking on green grass in the morning bare foot is also good for eye sight.

6 . Practice Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).

7 . Practice yoga poseses not for exercise but to open energy in your body.

8 . Quiet Your Thoughts and Focus on the positive aspects of yourself and your surroundings.

9 . Going to temple / Cathedral / Ashram / Place of Meditation in the morning is always a better idea to keep your mind peaceful.

10 . Close your eyes and listen to the sound of a singing bowl.

11 .The whole day you remain busy in day to day activities and hardly get any time to see   the sky or the nature, while walking on the grass in the morning see the sky and around you.

12 . Listening music is always a good idea to relax your mood.

13 . Practice Yoga Nidra

14 . You can also feel washing away of negative feelings and thoughts during  bathing.

15 . Write down your dreams when you wakeup.

16 . Recall Your purpose, ask your highest self, your inner wisdom, your spirit .

17 . Make a poster related to your dreams and put on your room’s wall.

18 .There is no need to express yourself with the words. Try to communicate by drawing or dancing or singing to express your feelings.

19 . See each obstacle or struggle as a life lesson.

20 . Whenever you get time from your busy, life you can travel those places which are serene and have a natural beauty  like Sedona, Peru and Rishikesh.

21 .The best idea to experience spirituality can be spent time in temples or math or yoga ashrams.

22 .Connect with humanity, show empathy when someone is hurting .

23 . When you indulge in day to day activities find something new which can help you to think in another way to keep your mind relaxed.

24 .Walking around any lake or a serene place covered with nature’s beauty gives you immense experience of spirituality. Look at the trees and leaves of plants, feel them and when you see your reflection in a lake it helps you to think about your inner self.

25 . Meet those people who have high moral values and spiritual thinking and who try to connect their every aspects of life with the spiritualism in order smoothen their life.

The ways of experiencing spirituality can be different for all persons. It is not so important to find out others viewpoint towards spirituality.  Persons can imagine themselves the ways to experience spirituality because it is up to you from where you can find peace and serenity. It can be different for every person sometimes according to their interest and thinking towards the life.

(Kanchan Rastogi)

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