15 NEGATIVE THOUGHTS THAT HOLD YOU BACK FROM HAPPINESSYou will probably think that how can negative thought effects your life? Well, you will be surprised to know your thoughts have astounding power over you and it has even the power to create or spoliate happiness in your life. You should regain control of them and make your brain to think different, as now, you know that how powerful your thoughts can be. I am telling you 15 common negative thoughts and how they hold you back from health and happiness.

1- I CAN NEVER LOSE MY WEIGHT :- This is one of the common negative thought for overweight people and they often thinks that it is impossible to lose weight. If you will continue to think this, then you will soon lose your motivation to lose weight anymore and this will lead to depression and unhappiness. So create a new positive thought, that you WILL have a figure or body that you desire, and it is quite easy for you.
2- I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM/HER :- It really hurts when someone close betray us and the wound is so deep that you constantly think about how they could do this to you or how you will never forgive them, no matter what. Anger and pain continue to profound with every thought which can lead to sadness or depression. All you have to do is, get ready for releasing all the pain and think that you are willing to forgive him/her, this will make you feel free.
3- I WILL NEVER MAKE ENOUGH MONEY :- A lack of money can make us feel insecure anxious, afraid. We become outrageous and panicky, when we are in debt. Due to this, we can make wrong decisions as we are thinking from a “lack” perspective. And this leads them to make impaired judgments, inertia and low confidence, which are the key points to be done in order to make money. So, start thinking that you are worthy and capable of make more money in order to live a great life.

4- I WILL NEVER FIND LOVE :- When you don’t have your “other half” then it looks like the whole world is in love except you. You will feel lonely and start thinking that there is no one for you. Then, your feelings will reflect in your behavior too. In order to prevent this, you should think that there is “someone” for you too and he will come at the right time, and you are worthy of getting love.
5- I CAN NEVER BE HAPPY :- Sometimes, things are not going the way we want it, thus, we feel sad. You should not ponder why you feel this way, as this will lead to more unhappy thoughts.
6- HE/SHE DOESN’T LOVE ME :- When your partner let you down in some way or have a disagreement with him/her then it is common to feel unappreciated or unlovable. This promotes neediness and emotional security which can ruin your relationship.
7- I CAN’T DO THIS, I AM AFRAID :- Life presents us good opportunities as well as difficult tasks. Even when we want to have something, the inner fears will tell you – No, you are not strong or incapable to do what must be done. This negative though is very untrue and it is the negative though which keeps us from our goal.
8- I AM HELPLESS, I HAVE NO CONTROL :- There comes the time when you are so helpless that you think you have no control over your life. Constantly thinking about helplessness can lead you to anxiety, low self esteem and depression. So, you should now think that you have a full control over your destiny and life.
9- I AM PROBABLY GOING TO GET SICK :- So, if you tell yourself that you are going to get sick then there are chances that you WILL get sick. So, stop worrying about the fears of death or illnesses and start thinking about healthy life.
10- NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS FOR ME :- When you encounter a failure, then negative thoughts won’t help you and it will lead to low self esteem, low confidence, anxiety and depression. You must think that good things WILL happen to you.
11- I AM NOT DESERVING, I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH :- Sometimes, all of us feel that we are not good enough but when you constantly think about these low self esteem thoughts, it can affect how you appear to other people. When you are not confident enough, then it will make sure that others will not be attracted to you or confident in your abilities. So, two things are very important for happiness and success in life – Your inherent worthiness and believing in yourself.
12- I CAN’T STAND THAT  PERSON :- Every day, we met people who offend us or make us feel angry. You will always think in your mind “How dare he say that? Stupid person”. Let me tell you something, just ignore all this, as, the more you will think about him/her, the more angry you will get. Anger can make you feel terrible, mentally and physically so, let go of this anger.
13- OH GOD, I AM GETTING OLD :- Well, aging is frightening. When you look in the mirror, you will about how your abilities are getting compromised and your opportunities ate slipping by. The more you think about getting old, the more you will be perceived old by people around you. So only think about how you are full of youthful energy and do not forget that people can accomplish things even if they are in their 70s or 80s.
14- I FEEL TERRIBLE, I HAVE NO ENERGY :- When you are going through a difficult phase then it’s difficult, not to focus on the way you are living your life. But when you focus on the physical distress of yours, then it will only highlights your hardship and will tell your mind to send signals of low energy to your body.
15 – MY LIFE IS A MESS :- Our busy lives are filled with distractions, family responsibilities and work, these tasks can make us feel atrocious. You will probably think about when you will be get out from these things but believe me, it will do nothing except making you more distressed and panicky. So think better and love your life.

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