TOP 15 MOST POPULAR INDIAN HOLY COW BREEDSToday most of the dairies across India produce milk processed from Jersey and H.F cows. But these animals cannot be considered as cows, as these are originally a breed of a wild animal named URUS. In Germany it was called AUROCHS. The most shocking fact is that even today the milk of these animals are not used directly for consumption in Europe because the milk of these animals contain a poisonous chemical called CASOMORPHINE . Indian holy cow breeds possess a rich A2 allele gene that provides a better and healthier quality of milk than foreign breeds. we are here to tell you 15 most popular holy Indian holy cow breeds .

 1. Ongole

ONGOLE : INDIAN HOLY COW BREEDFound in abundance in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, the appearance (complexion) of this cow is ordinary, but the breed of this cow is also found in South American countries. the white colored breeds have dark greyed colour male and are identified by marking on head neck and hump. The toe of this breed is brownish red at the time of birth and eventually becomes white once they grow up. Its Nose, eyes, tail, ear tip are black.

The bulls of this breed (Ongole) have become the golden egg for the Brazilians. Because of the might of these Bulls, the Brazilians have raised business worth in crores. Ongoli breeded bulls are considered as of very high grade. Cows born from this breed of bulls give 80liters of milk per day. Internationally the bulls of this breed are in high demand.


2. Gir 

GIR : MOST POPULAR INDIAN HOLY COW BREED This home tract of this breed is in the forest of Gir, south of a village called khatiawara in the state of Gujarat. The pure breed of this cow is generally of same species and has exemplary capacity to provide milk. Although the species of this cow is also exported to countries like united states, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela. Although they give birth to their calf in time, at the time of birth their eyes seems to be closed, the horns starting at the base of crown are  downward, backward and again upward, wide spread in both the direction, and are sharply curved resembling like a half moon(crescent). Similarly, their ears are different from other breeds and are long pendulous folded like a leaf and have notch at the tip. these breed because of their broad convex forhead,broad muzzle, nostrils and and speckled red colour is visible at a glance .Medium sized gir has long tails and their skin are loose and pliable.These Gir cow has demand not only in India, but abroad too. Most people from Brazil and Israel, prefer to rear this breed, since it is the biggest cow and they are tolerant to their environment condition and flourish well.

 3. Sahiwal

SAHIWAL : MOST POPULAR INDIAN HOLY COW BREEDIndia’s best species Sahiwal primarily is found in the Punjab province. These breed’s cows are found in Pakistan too and resembles similar to cows from Afghanistan. According to sayings these are one of the best dairy breeds closely related to Sindhi and Gir breeds. They can be breed anywhere with appropriate care. They are bred in large dairies. Usually these reddish brown colour cows have their ears and horns sloping downwards. The bull of these species have massive and broad forehead while the cows have medium sized forhead.These breeds have black muzzle and have average length tails and are recognized by their large and heavy dewlap. Their udder is also larger and heavy. Sahiwal males (bulls) generally weigh around 450 to 500 kg while the cow weighs around 300-400 kg.

4. Haryanvi 

HARYANVI : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED As the name suggests these Haryanvi cows are mainly found in the districts of Rohtak, Gurgaon and Hissar of Haryana. These cows are called as SARVANGI and have built of medium sized and are white & light grey colored. Where the cows of this breed are milk productive, their male breed is used in farming and are known to be very suitable for the task. That is why special attention is given to their calf too. Their face are long narrow, well marked, and their horns are small and are scattered on both directions. Their eyes, muzzle and tail are black in colour .The Haryanavi breed found in the district of Hisar are called as Hasi. Their colors are white and light greyed, and the bulls of this breed are hard-working.

 5. Kankrej

KANKREJ : INDIAN HOLY COW BREEDKankrej a neat cattle species is one of oldest breeds of india, found in the districts of Kathiawar, Baroda, Surat and Kutch of Gujarat state. Its availability is also in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. Short but broad- mouthed dual and heavily built these breed are also known by names of badhiyar and sarvangi. The colour of these breeds are  grey or stee black.the oxes of this species have black humps,have short nose is pointed slightly upturned. Horns are long strong and lure shaped and are attractive. and their ears are long pendulous, and their head is smooth and held high. The cow and ox of these species have long pendulous fleshy Dewlap and are considered as its unique identity. It can be placed in the category of dairy cows.

 6. Red Sindhi 

RED SINDHI : MOST POPULAR INDIAN HOLY COW BREED The breed of Red sindhi cows are found to be a hybrid progeny of of Afghan and Gir breeds.The cow of these breeds have completely red colored body. Red colored Sindhi cows are counted among the most milk productive cows.These breeds even if fed few fodder are able to keep their physic well balanced and maintained.

7. Rathi 

RATHI : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Found in the western region of Rajasthan, the milk breed cows of this species are  known for more their abundant milk productivity. The breed got its name from the RATHAS tribe. These breeds are generally reared by nomads (gypsy). This cow is very important breed of milch cow, originated from Sahiwal, Sindhi, Tharparkar breeds. Usually small pointed black upraised horns and tilted moderate ears, black muzzle, and white body with brown patches are the its initial identification.Their eyelids are short, brown or black and  have long and neat tails.

8. Lalkandhari 

LALKANDHARI : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Found in Kandahar of Nanded district and Marathwada region of Maharashtra, these red Kandharis cows are believed to be raised by the kings of Kandahar in the fourth century. Average built, these cows are generally dark brown or dark red in colour and their forehead are broad. Ears are elongated and drooping bothsides.Eyes have black ring around, and their muzzle are also black. Their horns are short and extend in a straight line on both sides and tail is long with black switch.


9. Gangatiri 

GANGATIRI : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Found primarily in the region of Bihar and Varanasi along the Ganges River, this breed of cow is very productive. This breed of cow is considered quite good under the category of milk productive cows. This is a new breed of cow developed from Haryanvi breed, which is extension in the development of milk breed cows. In Varanasi, earlier it was possible to get 10-15liters of milk everyday from these cows. These cows are white coloured, have narrow face, and their muzzle and eyes are black in colour. Their both horns are small, pointy spread on both sides and both ears are drooping. Tails are long and switch is black and neat.


HALLIKAR : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Hallikar breed cows are found mostly in the region of Karnataka, Mysore. They are available in other districts of Karnataka like Mandya, Bangalore, Kolar, Tumkur, Hassan and Chitradurga as well. Medium sized compact and muscular, these breed cows are considered as one of the best breed of cows in South India. And most of the other breeds of cows have originated from this breed of cow in these parts of southern India. Although these are independent breed cows, they produce more milk then Amrithal breed of cows. They allow the male calf to suckle full milk. They have long face, furrow in middle, while the forehead has prominent, slightly bulgy appearance. While their horns are closely at the base from the top of poll, backward long forward bend.tip is black and sharp. Their ears are small and tapering to a point. Their switch is black. Their skin is grey to dark grey with deep shading on face and hindquartes, have light grey marking on the face, dewlap and under the body.

 11. Ponwar

PONWAR : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Ponwar breed cows are mostly found in Pilibit district situated in Rohelkhand of Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that these White and black or brown dappled cows are reared since years by the Tharu tribal’s. Local white cows and the Morang breed of cow of Nepal are the origin of this breed. Their forehead has small white patches on them. The length of the horns can be up to 12 to 18 inches and the ears are small and pointed. Tails are long, sharp and neat. The male breeds (bulls) are fit for agricultural. Generally these cows give less milk.

12. Nimari

NIMARI : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Found in the Narmada valley of Madhya Pradesh the cows of Nimari breed essentially originated from the breed of Gir and Khallari. These are red in colour with large patches of white spread all over their body. To look they resemble copper-colour. Progeny (offspring’s) of the breeds are very agile. If they are taken cared in a good way they provide good quantity milk. Horns emerge in backward direction and tails are long with neat black switch. If taken good care of this breed, there will be abundant production of milk.


13. Gaolao 

GAOLAO : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Found in the southern districts of Satpura and Shivani of Madhya Pradesh and Wardha and Nagpur district of Maharashtra, these Gaolao breeds of cow are dual medium size built. These are considered as the best breed of cows of this generation. These cows usually are white and faded gray in colour. And their humps and neck are big in size. Because of their ability to provide more milk then others, these breeds are kept in the category of heavy milk productive cows. This humped, with slightly convex forehead appearance breed were developed in the 18th century by Marathas for quick transportation in army. Their almond shaped eyes, placed at certain angles, and their medium sized ears carried high are quite attractive. Horns are short and stumpy, blunt at the tip and tails are short.

14. Vechur 

VECHUR : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED This (Vechur) breed of cow belongs from state of Kerala. This short heighted breed of cow has been developed and conserved by Kerala University situated in Manuthi of Trishur district of Kerala. These breed are very fewer in number. Moreover further development work on this breed has also been taken up by Deen Dayal Research Institute located in Chitrakoot, of Satna district of Madhya Pradesh.Notonly the cows of this breed are having better resistant to many diseases and are least affected by them, but also the milk from this breed of cow is found to be rich in terms of medicinal values. These are kept in the category of highly milk producing breeds. The cost of maintaining this breed is also very less, which is equivalent to the money spent on raising a goat. This breed cows a mixture of light red, black and white colour, have long and narrow head, while horns are small, and tails are long, whereas forehead is curving forward, Ears are normal but attractive to look.

15. Deoni 

DEONI : INDIAN HOLY COW BREED Found in Marathwara region of Maharashtra and Bidar district of Karnataka, with some region in Andhra Pradesh the cows of Deoni breed are similar to the Gir breed. It is believed that these got originated from Gir breed about 500yrs back. The cows of this breed produce enormous milk, while the bulls have capacity to sustain heavy loads. Male calves are nursed better, they are not weaned. These cows are spotted in black and white colour. However, depending on the look these can be divided into three strains. The first one spotted black and white is Shevera. The second one is Balankya, white without any spot and third one Wannera, white with partial black face.Their ears are grey and black inside and from outward white and drooping. Forehead is prominent and slightly bulged, but their horns are small and emerge from side of poll behind and above.  Cows of Deoni breed has black tails and have black eyebrows & eye lashes.

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